University Modes of Instruction Definitions

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In 2015, the University Registrar led efforts to develop standard definitions for the terms “online”, “hybrid/blended”, and “in person” as related to modes of delivery at UConn (listed as Instruction Mode in Student Administration).  These terms are now used in Student Administration to distinguish whether student contact hours occur in person, online, or in a combination of the two.

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Tools for Improving Your Online Facilitation

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So you have already designed and developed your online or blended course and are ready for takeoff… teaching! This article provides you with some ideas and practical tools to help you improve the facilitation of your online course considering the four major roles of an instructor and the four critical time frames of the course. Continue reading

Guest Access to HuskyCT Courses

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Several situations exist in which individuals without an official UConn NetID may need HuskyCT guest access. Some faculty will need to begin planning and building their courses in HuskyCT before they have received their official NetID. Other faculty teaching online may need to add guests lecturers or facilitators to their online courses. UITS has a process in place to meet these and other similar situations where guest access is warranted. Continue reading

Using Online Proctoring with eCampus and ProctorU

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Online proctoring enables online test taking within a controlled and monitored environment, thereby enhancing academic integrity.   ProctorU is the online exam proctoring service that eCampus makes available to UConn online courses.   Faculty work directly with ProctorU within the guidelines below.  Contact your eCampus representative for more information.  This post also provides examples of faculty to student communication, best practices/tips, and notes some of the potential problems of which to be aware. Continue reading

Posting YouTube Videos in HuskyCT

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This guide describes how to use the Content Editor in HuskyCT to record and/or upload videos on YouTube so they appear within your HuskyCT course site.  Before getting started, make sure that you have a UConn Google Apps account, that you upgraded your account to public services, and you have logged into YouTube.com before. Continue reading