How to Use the Content Editor in Blackboard

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This article describes how to use the Content Editor (TinyMCE-based) in Blackboard Learn 9.1

The contents of this article should be applicable to the areas in Blackboard listed below:

  • HTML Items (with “Edit in Blackboard” selected)
  • Items
  • Modules
  • Blank Pages
  • Descriptions
  • Widgets and other areas.

This article will include text, images, and a brief screencast walkthrough to explain.

Screencast: How to use the Blackboard Content Editor

Making Edits using the Content Editor

1.Navigate to the area of your course you would like to edit (e.g. a specific Learning Module).

2. Make sure that Edit Mode is On (as pictured below).

edit mode = on in blackboard

3. Find the item you would like to edit.  Click the grey drop down arrow next to the item.  From the drop down select Edit in Blackboard.  If that option is not available, select Edit (as pictured below).

select edit in blackboard as the option.

4. This should open a popup with the Blackboard Content Editor (as pictured below).

content editor once launched.

5. We recommend you make mostly simple edits using this editor.  This would include: changes to wording, updating links, adding new text content.  If you would like to add more complex content from the available options, please contact us if you have any issues.

 Note: If formatting looks different in the window while editing, this is normal.  Submit the changes and contact us if there are display issues you are encountering.  

For example in this example, highlight the text and make sure Paragraph is selected for the styling.  This allows it to inherit the styling we had designed.

6.  Once all changes are completed, click Submit on the upper right (as pictured below).

the submit button in the content editor view.

7.  To view your edited changes, toggle edit mode back to off.  This should reflect the changes you made.  If you encounter issues, contact us for additional support.

changing edit mode back to off

Content Editor Features Overview

Below is a screenshot of what the new content editor looks like.  To find out what each button on the palette does, mouse over the item to reveal the feature.

screenshot of the formatting palette

Feel free to refer to the Blackboard On Demand Learning Center resources to learn more.


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