Add and/or Update Syllabus in HuskyCT

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This article presents a few options for managing the syllabus in HuskyCT (Blackboard)

Identify which applies to your course (a, b, or c) and scroll down to the correct section.  I want to add/update my syllabus by:

  1. uploading and replacing a file
  2. creating a web link
  3. creating an item


a) Uploading and Replacing a Syllabus as a File

To insert your syllabus as a file in HuskyCT over an existing file (PDF, DOC, DOCX, etc), edit the original file locally and upload and replace the old file in the course.  Replacing the file will maintain existing links.

  1. Edit your document locally and save it to your computer in a location where you can find it (eg, Documents, Desktop, etc).
  2. Open your HuskyCT course and expand the “Content Collection (File Manager)”  menu under the Control Panel [see Figure 1, #1]FileMgr001
  3. Click on the course content link which will be above “All Courses Content” and below  “Content Collection (File Manager)”.  It usually begins with a semester code (eg. 1133-, 1135-, 1138-, etc.)  [see Figure 1, #2]
  4. Navigate to the exact folder where the syllabus file resides and click the “Upload” button [see Figure 2, #3],  “Upload Files” [see Figure 2, #4].FileMgr002
  5. Click the Browse button [Figure 3, #5, below] and select the file from your local computer.
    The file should have the exact same name to replace the existing file.  If not, rename the local file first.
  6. Click the checkbox next to ” If selected, the system automatically overwrites the existing file with the same name”. [Figure 3, #6]
  7. Click submit [Figure 3, #7]FileMgr003




b) Creating a Syllabus as a Web Link

If your course is an eCampus course using a web link for the syllabus, the syllabus is likely embedded in the Course Orientation.  If there is a Syllabus item listed on the course menu, it is probably a “course link” to the file in the Course Orientation.


  1. With edit mode ON , Navigate to the Course Orientation and locate the syllabus link, (eg. “Syllabus” or “Read the Syllabus”)
  2. Mouse over the link and click on the pull down menu arrow that appears.  [Figure 4, #1]Select Edit. [Figure 4, #2]WebLink001
  3. The “Edit Web Link” page appears. Update the URL to the correct address [Figure 5, #1]and click Submit [Figure 5, #2].WebLink002


Contact eCampus if you need further assistance.



c) Creating a Syllabus as an Item

If you wish to copy or create your syllabus as an item, create the “item” and then copy your syllabus information (from Word or any other source) into the item using the content editor.

Resource: Most Commonly Used “Build Content” Options



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