Creating Direct Links to Library eJournal Articles

Last revised: 8/22/2018 by CAH.


This resource provides information on how to locate and create persistent URL links to UConn Libraries’ eJournal articles within your HuskyCT course, and how to enable access for off-campus students. Creating links to articles is the preferred method of providing journal access to students.

Creating direct links to UConn Library eJournal articles streamlines article access for students and helps ensure compliance with copyright law.
See the UConn Library page, Stable Linking to Electronic Resources.


The Library is updating its catalog software Monday, June 14, 2021 to improve the user experience.
The update will change any links containing
You will need to manually replace these with new links from the catalog after June 14, 2021. This includes links within HuskyCT.

If you need any help with creating new links, please reach out to the Library at
For more information, contact: Jean Nelson at



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