Mediasite Tips and Examples


Examples of Mediasite Presentations

Example Type Description
Video Presentation with Slides Instructors can capture a video of them presenting and a slide show of their presentation at the same time.  This is a great way for instructors to make video Powerpoints more personal.
Video Screencast of Desktop Instructors can capture a video of their screen with audio narration.  This is commonly used for explanations of using technology in specific ways.
Video Uploaded to Mediasite Instructors can capture video from different sources and import them directly into MyMediasite.  In this example an instructor captured the video with an HD digital camcorder.
Slideshow with Voice-over audio Instructors can record a PowerPoint, or slide presentation with an audio narration.
Video Sceencast with SmartBoard Instructors can also choose to capture using other devices.  In this example, the instructor had a laptop plugged into a SmartBoard.  This allowed them to explain a problem on the SmartBoard while capturing both video of the SmartBoard and Audio.


What do I need to record?

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  • Microphone
  • Webcam — commonly built into laptops, or a high quality external version.
  • Mac or PC — that meets Mediasite Desktop Recorder’s system requirements.

Installing and Using Mediasite Desktop Recorder

  1. Request an account from the iTV group in ITL (
  2. Install the Mediasite Desktop Recorder
  3. Review this guide created by  iTV group: My Mediasite and Desktop Recorder Setup (PDF)
  4. Review recommended presentation tips  Online Presentations: Best Practices (PDF)


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