Using Student Preview as You Teach: What Do My Students See in the Course?

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Use Student Preview in HuskyCT to ensure your course looks and acts exactly the way you intend.  

this is the student preview toggle in HuskyCT
What are some benefits of using Student Preview?

Want to be confident that your course works exactly as you expect before sharing it with your students? Enable Student Preview and pace through your entire course site from the eyes of a student. Student Preview provides additional benefits not available in Edit Mode.

Some benefits of enabling the Student Preview include: 

  1. Confirming the design and behaviors of the course work as planned for students;
  2. Submitting assignments, grading assignments, and then viewing how students see their grades in the My Grades area; and
  3. Ensuring time/date availability settings and/or adaptive release criteria is functioning as planned.
    Where Do I Learn More About Using Student Preview?

    Blackboard Help resources provide details on using Student Preview, including how to enter Student Preview mode and best practices. There is also a Student Preview Video Tutorial.

    For more information visit:

    For additional help with Student Preview or any other HuskyCT tools and options, contact Educational Technologies to set up an appointment at, 486-5052 or stop by Rowe CUE 422.


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