Finding and Using Free Learning Materials

Last revised: 02/05/2018 by dsm.  


This article discusses FREE Open Educational Resources (OERs), why they are important, and how faculty can find and use OERs in their online and face to face classrooms.


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Request an eCampus HuskyCT Template

Last revised: 7/2/2018 by JAP


Using eCampus HuskyCT (Blackboard) templates can help in building and designing your HuskyCT course.  The goal is to provide an organized and student friendly structure, that saves course builders time and allows more focus on good pedagogy and, ultimately, teaching. Continue reading

eCampus Syllabus Template

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eCampus offers a syllabus template which meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for online documents and is available for download in two formats. This post describes how to access the templates, along with some tips on ensuring the document remains accessible. Continue reading

Posting YouTube Videos in HuskyCT

Last Revised on 11/18/2014 by DSM


This guide describes how to use the Content Editor in HuskyCT to record and/or upload videos on YouTube so they appear within your HuskyCT course site.  Before getting started, make sure that you have a UConn Google Apps account, that you upgraded your account to public services, and you have logged into before. Continue reading