Competencies for Online and Hybrid/Blended Instruction

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What does an instructor need to succeed with an online or hybrid/blended course? The UConn Competencies for Online and Hybrid/Blended Instruction provides twenty-seven competencies to inform and self-assess against.

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Performing a Quality Matters Self-Review

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As a subscribing Quality Matters (QM) institution, UConn encourages faculty to perform (at minimum) an “unofficial” QM Self-Review of their online and blended courses.  This article details the steps for completing a QM “unofficial” Self-Review and where to seek further information and assistance.

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Using Data to Inform Online Teaching

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Data can help inform instructional decisions.  HuskyCT has a number of data collection and reporting tools for instructor use. In addition, media tools, such as YouTube, Mediasite, and Kaltura often have data reporting features.

This post addresses the following questions you may have as an instructor.

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