Re-offering Your Online Course

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This post reviews the steps needed to re-offer a previously taught online course, including obtaining, restoring, and resetting the HuskyCT/Blackboard course site.

Obtain Your HuskyCT Course Site

  1. Ensure the class is scheduled in the Student Administration System. If not, coordinate with your department through normal channels to schedule the class in Student Admin.
  2. Request your HuskyCT course site in Student Admin. (Note: The instructor of record must make this request.)
  3. Request a course restore by completing the HuskyCT Course Copy Request form. If applicable, you may also use this form to combine sections.

Reset your HuskyCT Course Site

  1. Update the Syllabus and Course Schedule by changing the share link(s) or uploading the file(s) to HuskyCT.
  2. Edit visibility and/or due dates using Batch Edit, which includes modules, assessments (e.g., assignments, exams, quizzes), journals, and discussions.
  3. Set-up 3rd party tools. If using 3rd party tools from the Content Market (e.g., Perusall, VoiceThread, Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor, publisher integrations), verify they copied correctly or set them up for the new offering.
  4. Review all course content. Navigate through the entire course, including discussions:
    1. Verify Release Conditions are as desired. (Content with visibility release conditions based on time were already edited in Batch Edit. Content with release conditions not based on time, such as performance, must be edited individually.)
    2. Verify Class Conversations are allowed/not allowed as desired.
    3. Check all links. Open share links in an incognito/private browser window to verify sharing permissions are correctly set to “anyone can view.” Update broken links.
    4. Make other updates to content as needed.
  5. Review other areas of the course:
    1. Gradebook: Update column visibility as desired.
    2. Announcements: If included in the course restore, announcements should copy as drafts. Edit the announcements now or throughout the course.
    3. Groups: If using Groups, verify settings.
  6. Review the Accessibility ReportFix issues, focusing on “content with the easiest issues to fix” and “high scoring content” first.
  7. Review Course Settings and Progress Tracking settings.
  8. Review the course in Student PreviewNavigate through the entire course once again in student preview mode to verify content, visibility, and other settings are correct.

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