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Using eCampus HuskyCT (Blackboard) templates can help in building and designing your HuskyCT course.  The goal is to provide an organized and student friendly structure, that saves course builders time and allows more focus on good pedagogy and, ultimately, teaching.

These templates are a base to build upon but will require editing and some basic knowledge of building in HuskyCT. We recommend referring to the resources available on the Instructional Resource Center’s (IRC) site and the Blackboard site.  Some of those are listed below.


How to Request an eCampus Template

  1. With your HuskyCT site already created (see Request HuskyCT Site), complete the HuskyCT Course Restores form.The form has required fields that do not apply to this case. Use the following in “Old Course Information”:
    Old Courses form fill information
  2. Insert your own “New Course Information”
  3. In the comments area at the bottom, indicate which eCampus Template you want copied to your course shell.

    Please copy “eCampus Template – DIY” to the new course shell indicated above.

    The currently available eCampus templates are:
    1. eCampus Template – DIY (online)
    2. eCampus Template – Flipped


Once the template is copied into your course shell, your course will then need to be cleaned up and customized for the tools used in your course.  Review each section closely to read and remove the “Notes to Instructor”.

We hope making this template available will help make building your course easier.


Recommended Resources:




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