Finding and Using Google Images

Last modified on 02/05/2018 by dsm. 


Google can be a good source for finding images, but we need to abide by the image owners’ terms of use.  This post shows how to locate images on Google and how to filter them by usage rights.


When searching for free images in Google, follow these steps:


Step 1:  Navigate to

Step 2:  Enter a keyword(s) in the search field

Step 3:  Select the “Search Tools” feature

Step 4:  Select the drop down titled: “Usage Rights”


Step 5: From the dropdown, choose between the following which are in the CC domain:


  • Labeled for noncommercial reuse is a preferred option


Step 6: Once you have chosen a license, hit the search button

Your search results will return images filtered by the license indicated.  Be careful when selecting other suggested images as shown in the image preview.  Different usage right may apply to those.  The filter rule applies to the primary search results only.

Don’t forget to attribute your sources.


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