Competencies for Online and Hybrid/Blended Instruction

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What does an instructor need to succeed with an online or hybrid/blended course? The UConn Competencies for Online and Hybrid/Blended Instruction provides twenty-seven competencies to inform and self-assess against.

The UConn Competencies for Online and Hybrid/Blended Instruction tool serves as an instructor self-assessment.  It provides an opportunity for faculty to analyze their own skill level on twenty-seven competencies (curated from key articles, conference materials, higher education organization publications and instructional designer inputs) related to successful online and hybrid/blended instruction at UConn and beyond. In addition, it’s an educational tool introducing faculty to the knowledge and skills needed for success.  UConn faculty working with an eCampus instructional designer will be asked to complete the self-assessment, so the instructional designer can customize his/her support, as they work together on designing and implementing a course. Lastly, the aggregated data from the survey will help inform eCampus’ faculty development offerings and support resources.

Please review the list of competencies and/or take the the self assessment.

References used to generate the competencies included:


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