Sample Welcome Letter

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This is a sample letter  that you may copy/edit and send out to your enrolled students prior to the start of class. You should customize this letter to suit your needs. It gives students some basic information to get them started off on a successful online course experience.

(This letter is part of the post Managing Your Online Class)

Dear Students,

Welcome to [holding place for number and title of course] taught during [holding place for semester/session].  I am looking forward to learning with you in our online course space. I am writing prior to our official start time to cover a few items that will be helpful to you.


Course Availability:  The online course will be open for viewing (and only viewing) on [ insert date course will be available… usually 1 week prior to official start ] in HuskyCT @ .  Please use this viewing time to familiarize yourself with the HuskyCT learning environment, review the Course Orientation, read the syllabus, complete the syllabus quiz, and begin introducing yourselves to one another in the Class Introductions Discussion Board area.  The first official day of class is [insert date].  I will be available on (but not before) this official first day of class.  If you discover technical difficulties before our first official day of class, please contact the university ITS Help Center at or search “HuskyCT” at

Syllabus and Schedule:  I have attached a preview of the tentative course syllabus and schedule [insert link to syllabus and schedule location in HuskyCT OR attach a pdf file]. Read the syllabus carefully as it contains materials you need to purchase prior to the start of class as well as what is expected of you in the course. Check into the course again on the first official day for the official syllabus and schedule.

Time Commitment: An online course requires discipline, self-motivation, collaboration, and organization.  Although this course is offered online, it remains a 3 credit course and requires you to accomplish the same learning you would during a 3-credit face-to-face class.  Although there is greater flexibility for “when” you to complete your work in an online course than there is in a face-to-face course, there are specific due dates throughout the semester.  Class participation is required and expected. You should expect to spend generally between [X and Y] hours per week working and learning in this course. Please plan your time accordingly.


[Holding place for a closing statement]


Professor [holding place]

[holding place for signature line]