Tips for Online Course Test Proctoring

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These are some tips to help make the online proctoring process run more smoothly and make the student experience as best as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU is the online exam proctoring service that eCampus makes available to UConn students enrolled in courses formally listed as ONLINE in StudentAdmin.  This post addresses setting up a faculty ProctorU account for use with your UConn ONLINE course(s).


    1. Focus on Communication
      First and foremost, be sure that you have communicated clearly with your students if you have chosen to use online proctoring, remote proctoring, or will offer a face-to-face exam. This information should be included in your syllabus, in the notes of the Student Administration System, and we also recommend that you send an email to your students before the start of class. Make the ProctorU phone number, 855-772-8678, available to students so that they can reach ProctorU if they are having difficulties before or during an exam session.


    1. Create a Practice Quiz Using ProctorU (See: Using Online Proctoring with eCampus and ProctorU)
      If you are using online proctoring (see article above), we strongly recommend that you create a short (5-15 minutes) low/no stakes quiz that requires proctoring during the first week of class. This gives the students a chance to check their computer setup and connection before the actual exam. If you choose to do this, you may still schedule up to 4 hours of proctored exam time above this practice quiz.  At a minimum, in lieu of a practice quiz, refer students to the ProctorU Resource page, and have them “Access Live Chat” under the FAQ, “Troubleshooting” tab.
      Note: Currently, Chrome and Firefox are the supported browsers for using ProctorU, so please advise your students.


    1. Prepare a good test in HuskyCT
      Remember, ProctorU does NOT support handwritten tests.  Tests should be built and answered directly in HuskyCT.

      • Use question pools to randomize question delivery.
      • Randomize answers within questions, where you can.
      • Where possible, include essay-type questions or short answer questions that capture students’ higher level understanding of the concepts (but realize that these must be manually graded).
      • Use online tests as only one part of your total assessment plan and try to build other authentic assessments.
      • As a general recommendation, do not use the “Force Completion” setting.  Consider “Auto-submit” instead.
      • Carefully review the Test Results and Feedback settings to make sure that results are not released until after all students have taken the test.  Consider unchecking all options and revisiting the settings after all make-up tests have been taken.
      • Note that the test availability setting times can be flexible when used along with the exam windows you set in ProctorU.  Especially note the “Available Until” date and time, since delays in getting started with ProctorU could cause students to start an exam late or beyond (rarely) the intended exam window.  The exam link must be available when a student starts the exam with ProctorU.


    1. Consider Remote Proctoring, or In-person Proctoring (See: Remote In-Person Proctoring for Online Courses)
      Consider remote proctoring, or to arrange an in-person exam time and location.  You might also consider some combination of these options.


    1. Be Prepared for problems,  Be Flexible, and Offer Alternatives
      Finally, please try to be reasonably flexible. Academic integrity is our primary concern, but with the use of technology, unanticipated problems can occur. Providing an alternative means to complete your assessments may actually be the best thing in the long run.

      Example message:
      This online course will use online proctoring for exams as the primary method of proctoring. Students must complete the practice quiz during the first week of the course. Do this on the same computer and in the same location where you will take your exams.


      As an alternative, you may take the exams in-person at the [provide campus information where you will proctor exams]. See the course syllabus for dates, times, and location of the exams. Upon pre-approval only, you may be allowed to arrange remote in-person proctoring. Please reach out to your instructor ASAP for more information. You must communicate with the instructor which method you intend to use by the 2nd day of the class.


    2. Contact the ProctorU UConn Faculty Representative if you have unusual circumstances or have a question about how to make sure the test experience goes as smoothly as possible.

      ProctorU Customer Success Specialist & Faculty Contact (part of Meazure Learning)
      Ashley Moman, Customer Success Specialist
      601-291-2121 or 855-772-8678
      Online help form




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