HuskyCT Course Preparation (Resetting Your Course)


The following pertains to resetting online courses developed in collaboration with UConn eCampus.  You may, however, find that many of these steps apply to your own situation.

NOTICE:  UConn is terminating its use of Google in 2024. Users must export their data if they wish to keep it and can move their files to Microsoft 365 applications, primarily OneDrive and SharePoint. If you have links to Google Docs in your courses, you will need to replace those docs with M365 links.
For more information, see Migrate Google Drive to Microsoft 365 and Blackboard’s Web Links articles.


  1. Remove duplicate or unnecessary menu items. (Announcements, Course Overview and Syllabus, Library Resources, and My Grades).
    When a HuskyCT class is copied into a new one, some menu items may be duplicated or inserted “on top of” the previous layout. Typically, these are the first 4 items in the top left course menu.  Pull down the drop down next to each undesired item and select “Delete”.
  2. Add or update syllabus
  3. Create and attach Course Schedule (if applicable)
    The calendar may already exist as an item, as part of the syllabus file, or using the Calendar tool. Choose the option that applies:

    1. Create/Edit a Course Schedule as an item
    2. Use the Calendar tool for Course Schedule (Blackboard link)
    3. Edit Course Schedule in syllabus or upload document.
  4. Set availability and/or due dates of:
    1. Assessments
    2. Assignments
    3. Modules (if set as restricted)
    4. Discussions (if set as restricted)
    5. Course Properties (Adjusting Course Availability Dates)
  5. Edit Course Content and Check Hyperlinks
    1. Manage files: Content Collection (Blackboard link)
      The Library is updating its catalog software Monday, June 14, 2021 to improve the user experience.
      The update will change any links containing
      You will need to manually replace these with new links from the catalog after June 14, 2021. This includes links within HuskyCT.
      If you need any help with creating new links, please reach out to the Library at
      For more information, contact: Jean Nelson at
  6. Delete Announcements (if carried over from last offering)
  7. Delete Discussion Threads (if carried over from last offering)
    Navigate to the Discussion Board, click a Forum, select the check-box(es) next to the thread(s), and click the Delete button. Tip: you can select all threads by clicking the check-box in the header to the left of the “Thread” (located above the threads).
  8. Review and Set up the Grade Center column visibility as desired
    (Blackboard link)  
    See section on “Hide a column from users”, “Show/Hide to Users”. 
  9. Check and remove/reset Adaptive Release to make sure the content is accessible to students.  See Managing Adaptive Release Rules (Blackboard link).
  10. Be sure that all course content is visible to students.  Check the content from Student Preview (located on the top right of your course near the Edit Mode area studentpreviewbutton). While in Student Preview click through all content looking for broken images, or internal links to files (PDFs, documents, or other links on pages).   If items are not visible, check the file permissions in the Content Collection. Broken URLs are NOT part of file permissions issues and you may edit and repair those using the Content Editor. If you need further assistance, contact your eCampus representative.To return to Instructor View click Exit Student Preview on the top right of the course.  For more information about Student Preview see Blackboard’s Help page .


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