Effective Communication in Online Courses

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Asynchronous communication in online courses takes place via a variety of tools; announcements, rubrics, email, discussion forums, audio feedback, video feedback, etc. The learning benefits of regular communication with students in an online course are often overlooked by faculty. Effective and regular messaging is essential for an inclusive, motivated and engaged learning community. In this brief article, we’ll review guidelines for communicating with your students online.

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Screencasting and Presentation Tools


There are many options to either record your screen (aka screen casting) or present to your students asynchronously.  Below we have selected several of the key options to do these two tasks and some of the experiences we have had with them.  We have also included information for you to find more. Continue reading

Best Practices and Expectations for Online Teaching at UConn

Last revised: 11/14/2014 by EHS.


(Adapted from “Best Practices and Expectations for Online Teaching”  at Penn State.)

Teaching in an online environment is different from teaching in a face-to-face classroom.  Let’s look at some best practices and expectations for your online teaching at UConn.   Continue reading