Use Ally to Improve Accessibility of HuskyCT Content

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Blackboard’s Ally gauges the accessibility of your content, provides guidance and tips for improving accessibility, and creates alternative versions of your files.

Starting with the Spring 2019 Semester, HuskyCT will include a new feature known as Ally. Ally, available to all users with the role of Instructor, automatically checks the accessibility of your content and makes recommendations for improvement.

The following short video, View File Accessibility with Ally in Blackboard Learn, highlights the tool’s main features:

Measuring File Accessibility:

After uploading any file type into HuskyCT, Blackboard’s Ally tool will measure it’s accessibility and provide both a numeric score and a color code. Scores are determined by the severity of the issue(s). A low score indicates multiple issues with a file. Ally provides feedback and recommendations for any file with a score of less than 100%.

Gauges showing various levels of accessibility Red icon indicates a severe issue(s). The file is inaccessible.
Orange icon indicates an issue(s). The file is somewhat accessible.
Light green icon indicates a minor issue. The file accessible, but could be improved.
Dark green icon indicates the file is accessible and needs no further intervention.
Improve File Accessibility:

To improve accessibility of a file, see the KB post: Create Accessible Digital Content.

Additional Resources:


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