Writing Objectives

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This post describes what learning objectives are, how to write them, and includes some additional resources to aid in writing effective objectives.

What are learning objectives?

Learning objectives allow us to design our teaching approaches to meet the needs of our students for their learning.  We also use these to communicate our expectations to students and direct the design of our teaching.

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Using Online Proctoring with eCampus and ProctorU

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Online proctoring enables online test taking within a controlled and monitored environment, thereby enhancing academic integrity.   ProctorU is the online exam proctoring service that eCampus makes available to UConn online courses.   Faculty work directly with ProctorU within the guidelines below.  Contact your eCampus representative for more information.  This post also provides examples of faculty to student communication, best practices/tips, and notes some of the potential problems of which to be aware. Continue reading