Author: Tim Stubbs

eCampus Accessibility Checklist and Guide

Last revised on 5/16/2024 by kek


This post provides a guide to implementing the eCampus Accessibility Checklist, including disabilities and common barriers, accessibility frameworks, rationale for accessibility standards, and resources for implementation.

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An Overview of Perusall

Last revised: 12/6/2023 by TJS


Perusall is a free “social annotation” tool that helps students engage with course material in class groups. When integrated with HuskyCT, instructors can create reading or viewing assignments in which students create & share their own annotations and respond to each other’s comments & questions. Perusall informs instructors of the concepts that generate the most student questions & discussion, and Perusall can assist instructors score assignments quickly and efficiently. Perusall also reminds students of incomplete assignments, prompting higher rates of completion and preparedness.

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