Promoting Student Engagement in Your Online/DL Course


The concept of student engagement has become somewhat an enigma as educators move to the online and distance learning (DL) realm. Many instructors find it challenging to maintain a similar level of engagement as their face-to-face classrooms. This article explores the various aspects of online student engagement that aims at delivering a clearer operational definition of engagement together with teaching tips for online/DL instructors.

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Design: Using a Course Design Plan

Last revised: 02/03/2020 by jap


This article introduces using a course design plan for the Design phase of the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate) instructional design model. It also emphasis how using a course design plan can help meet Quality Matters’ design standards.

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Writing Learning Objectives

Last revised: 02/01/2022 by BJG


This post describes learning objectives and provides tips on how to write them well.

What are learning objectives?

Learning objectives are brief statements that describe what students will be expected to learn.  They allow us to design our teaching approaches to meet the needs of our students for their learning.  We also use them to communicate our expectations to students and direct the design of our teaching.

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