How to Add Alternative Text (Alt. Text) to Images in HuskyCT

Last Reviewed: 2/14/2019 by cah


Adding alternative text to images in HuskyCT provides learners with low vision and those using screen readers with important information about the meaning of the image. This article provides information about why alternative text descriptions are important, as well as step-by-step instructions for completing this relatively easy task.

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Screencasting and Presentation Tools


There are many options to either record your screen (aka screen casting) or present to your students asynchronously.  Below we have selected several of the key options to do these two tasks and some of the experiences we have had with them.  We have also included information for you to find more. Continue reading

Finding and Using Free Learning Materials

Last revised: 02/05/2018 by dsm.  


This article discusses FREE Open Educational Resources (OERs), why they are important, and how faculty can find and use OERs in their online and face to face classrooms.


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Request an eCampus HuskyCT Template

Last revised: 8/03/2020 by DSM


Using eCampus HuskyCT (Blackboard) templates can help in building and designing your HuskyCT course.  The goal is to provide an organized and student friendly structure, that saves course builders time and allows more focus on good pedagogy and, ultimately, teaching. Continue reading