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Online proctoring enhances academic integrity through the ability to offer online tests within a controlled and monitored environment. This post explains  setting up a faculty ProctorU account for use with your UConn eCampus designed online course(s).

PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU is the only available to courses that pay the Online Course Fee.  Hybrid courses are NOT eligible to use ProctorU.  We recommend you consider Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor as a possible alternative.

See "Using Online Proctoring with eCampus - How It Works" for general overview of using online proctoring with your online course.


Set up a ProctorU Faculty Account

  • Set up an account at ProctorU (
    1. Institution = "University of Connecticut"
    2. Use your UConn email credentials in creating your account
    3. Enter a phone number where ProctorU can contact you in case of trouble during a exam
  • Once this is complete, send the following email to

    Subject: ProctorU Sign-up, Request for Faculty Access

    I have completed the account request through ProctorU. Please provide instructor access so that I may begin to schedule my exams.

    I understand that this service is only available for courses that have been designed by UConn eCampus or courses where students pay the online course fee.  I will use ProctorU for the following course(s):
    Please list course(s) with section number here or approval will be denied.

    It may take up to 2 business days for my account to be activated.

    - Dr. (Jane Doe)

    Once your account has been approved and converted to the Instructor Role, you will be notified via email (in about one business day) and you may schedule your exams.


See "Set Up a HuskyCT Exam for Online Proctoring with ProctorU", next.


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ProctorU serves as the main point of contact for issues related to their service.  Faculty can contact ProctorU directly as follows:

ProctorU Customer Success Specialist & Faculty Contact (part of Meazure Learning)
Ashley Moman, Customer Success Specialist
205-666-0409 or 855-772-8678
Online help form


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