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Online proctoring enhances academic integrity by enabling online test taking within a controlled and monitored environment. 

PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU is the only available to courses that pay the Online Course Fee.  Distance Learning courses are NOT eligible to use ProctorU.  We recommend you consider Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor as an alternative.

See "Using Online Proctoring with eCampus - How It Works" for general overview of using online proctoring with your online course and be sure to read all of the associated pages on online proctoring..

Faculty MUST create exams at least 2 weeks prior to the exam start date and students MUST sign-up at least one week before the exam. Failure to do so could result in no available exam appointments. So, encourage students to sign-up for exams as soon as possible.

Using their ProctorU portal, faculty should set up exams ASAP and then monitor that students have signed-up.

Exams must be scheduled with ProctorU at least 2 weeks prior to the exam. Faculty may schedule up to 4 hours of proctoring (2 hour maximum per exam) for each 3 credit online course. For example, a faculty member might offer two 1 hour exams and one 2 hour final exam, four 1 hour exams, one 2 hour exam, or variations within the 4 hour total 1/2 hour exam maximum allotments.

  1. Schedule Exams (2 hours maximum per exam, 4 hours combined maximum time. 30 minute minimum per exam.)
    1. Log into ProctorU
    2. Click the "ADD NEW" button, and select "Exam"
    3. Complete the form (more info below), and submit it for review
      1. Enter an Exam Title (Eg. ACCT1001 - Midterm).
      2. Select "General" for department.
      3. Select your name under "Incident Users"
      4. Under Exam Configuration, select the term (Eg. 2019 - Spring)
      5. Select your name from the instructor list.
        (If the instructor name does not appear in "Instructor" pull-down field, enter it in "Instructor, other" field.)
      6. Exams in HuskyCT, URL is:
      7. Copy and paste the password from the HuskyCT Test Options, and enter it on the form. (Do not share this password with students. The proctor will use it to initiate the exam for the student.)
      8. Use the combination of Proctoring window appointments along with HuskyCT availability dates to control access t0 your exam. Since the exam is password protected, the exam can only be started by the proctor, so it is recommended that the HuskyCT test is available 1 to 2 hours after the last available proctoring session appointment. This allows for setup time or problems in getting students' exams started. Communicate the appointment window to your students.
      9. Indicate additional test parameters in the provided area (eg. No resources allowed, open book, notes, scratch paper, calculators, web access, restroom breaks, etc.)

NOTE: As a general rule, you need to be available during the exam period in case problems or questions arise and so that ProctorU can contact you to resolve issues. Most commonly, these tend to be exam access issues. Faculty should consider this during scheduling.

Once the submission is processed, ProctorU will notify faculty that the exam is in their system.

Next, faculty instructs students to sign up for an exam appointment slot (see below). Test-takers can take exams from home seven-days-a-week. They are connected to a live person during their exam who will guide them through the process, answer any questions not related to exam material and assist with any technical problems.

Additional Notes:

  • Maximum time eCampus is funding is 120 minutes per exam.
    (Note: 61 - 120 minute exam  duration = 120 minutes. 31-60 duration = 60 minutes, 30 minutes or less = 30 minutes)

  • Students with documented accommodation needs from the Center for Students With Disabilities will be given extended times if necessary. Faculty will have an opportunity to note information about specific student accommodations in the "Additional Exam Notes" field during the exam request process and should send detailed requests to There will be no additional charge for exams that extend beyond 2 hours if there is a documented accommodation in place.

  • ProctorU will process the request and notify you via email (normally within 24 hours) that the exams are approved, in the system, and ready for students to sign-up. At this point you can inform students to sign up for the exam and test their system.



Next, See "Notifying Students to Sign up for an Exam Appointment".

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