Prepare a HuskyCT Exam for Online Proctoring with ProctorU

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Online proctoring enhances academic integrity by enabling online test taking within a controlled and monitored environment. This post addresses setting up a HuskyCT exam for online proctoring.

PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU is the only available to courses that pay the Online Course Fee.  Hybrid courses are NOT eligible to use ProctorU.  We recommend you consider Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor as an alternative.


See "Using Online Proctoring with eCampus - How It Works" for general overview of using online proctoring with your online course and be sure to read all of the associated pages on online proctoring.


Note: Faculty must create exams at least 2 weeks in advance to the start date and should monitor student sign-ups in the ProctorU portal. Student must sign-up no later than one-week before the exam start time-- but earlier is better.  Students that choose to sign-up late will pay an out of pocket late fee.  More importantly, it is common that exam appointments will not be available-- especially during peak periods.


Prepare a HuskyCT Exam for Proctoring

Note: We highly recommend that you create and offer a practice quiz (est. 10-15 minutes) before an actual test.  This does not count toward the 4 hour allocation.

Also, the minimum exam window should be 12 hours or more.  A narrow exam window may create a situation where exam slots are not available. As such, we strongly discourage exam windows that are shorter than 12 hours and we advise that if you choose to use a smaller window to plan ahead for alternative assessment methods in cases where students cannot find exam slots.

Set up your exams first by following these directions:

  1. In HuskyCT, select Edit Test Options from the test's pull down

  2. Set/review your "Set Timer" duration* (box checked, time entered)
    *The maximum duration for using ProctorU is 120 minutes

  3. Review your availability dates and due date
    NOTE: Since the exam is password protected, the exam availability range in HuskyCT can be wider than the date range "window" set in the proctoring system. It is recommended that the HuskyCT availability is later than the last available proctoring session appointment to allow for setup time in getting students' exams started.

  4. Set a Password and check the check-box
    NOTE: The password is never shared with students.  During a testing session, the proctor will temporarily take control of the user's keyboard and enter the exam password to launch the exam. 

  5. Review your feedback settings and know what they mean
  6. Click Submit


  • Set-up a no stakes practice quiz using ProctorU so that students experience the testing environment before an actual test.
  • Do not use "Force completion"
  • Use "Auto-submit" with a set duration (max 120 minutes)
  • Make sure the exam is available in HuskyCT at least 1 or 2 hours after the last proctoring window session.
  • When setting up your ProctorU session, copy and paste the password rather than retyping it to ensure exact accuracy
  • Review and understand the feedback settings- consider delaying release of feedback results to allow for unanticipated make-up exams
  • We do not currently support or recommend "hand written" question responses.  Questions must be presented and completed in HuskyCT or another learning management system.  Feel free to reach out to eCampus if you wish to discuss options.


See  "Scheduling an Exam with ProctorU", next.



ProctorU serves as the main point of contact for issues related to their service. Faculty can contact ProctorU directly as follows:

ProctorU Customer Success Specialist & Faculty Contact (part of Meazure Learning)
Ashley Moman, Customer Success Specialist
205-666-0409 or 855-772-8678
Online help form


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