Schedule an Exam with ProctorU

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Online proctoring enhances academic integrity by enabling online test-taking within a controlled and monitored environment. 

PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU is the only available to courses that pay the Online Course Fee.  Hybrid courses are NOT eligible to use ProctorU.  We recommend you consider Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor as an alternative.

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Screencasting and Presentation Tools


There are many options to either record your screen (aka screen casting) or present to your students asynchronously.  Below we have selected several of the key options to do these two tasks and some of the experiences we have had with them.  We have also included information for you to find more. Continue reading

Tips for Online Course Test Proctoring

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These are some tips to help make the online proctoring process run more smoothly and make the student experience as best as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: ProctorU is the online exam proctoring service that eCampus makes available to UConn students enrolled in courses formally listed as ONLINE in StudentAdmin.  This post addresses setting up a faculty ProctorU account for use with your UConn ONLINE course(s).

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Remote In-Person Proctoring for Online Courses

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Sometimes even fully online course require in-person proctoring for administering tests and authentication of students’ identities. It is very common for online students to be geographically dispersed regionally, nationally, or even internationally and it is not always practical or possible to travel to one central testing location.  This article provides guidance around permitting alternate proctoring locations as a solution.
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